Thursday, September 22, 2011

Planning Ahead

Most people plan for things that they have upcoming in their life. It might be where they are going for Spring Break, when they are going to call their parents, or even how they will make it to the end of the week with only $2.64 in their checking account. The common theme is that these things are set in advance. Now, things happen from time to time that throw off the plans. It's happened to everyone before, and will happen to everyone again. For the most part though when plans are made, the anticipation is that they will be followed.

This phenomenon occurs in the job search regularly. Deadlines and schedules are regular occurrences, and ones that employers use to manage the search process. One thing that I've seen happen with students when beginning their search is a lack of recognition regarding the value of these timelines. Part of this is understandable; students are accustomed to a more relaxed atmosphere with considerable freedom. However, being able to meet these deadlines and hold appointments is something that employers value. Even things that may seem inconsequential, like an information session, are still important, because it shows how you value their time. Going to information sessions, taking slightly inconvenient interview times, or even following up when you said you would is necessary to excel in a job search where you are trying to stand out amongst hundreds of other candidates. Take the time to complete these steps and you will find yourself moving along in the search far more successfully. Show the employers the courtesy to their plans and timelines just like you would like from them on the job.

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