Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Semester, New Internship

You know what I love about the student workers and interns who work in the Career Services Center?

I love how hard they work and their dedication to our team.
I love their drive to succeed.
I love that they are able to manage their time and make a significant contribution to our office.
I love how they are learning so fast and asking relevant questions.
I love that they are flexible and volunteer to help whenever able.
I love that they are able to balance their lives.

And you know what's funny? Employers have mentioned some of these same qualities as being essential for success and seek these characteristics in college graduates. So, as you are starting your new internship this fall, don't just go through the motions; give that internship all you've got and lay the groundwork for your future success!

Oh, and thank you to all of our great CSC student workers and interns - we couldn't do everything we do without you!

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