Thursday, February 5, 2009

Staying STRONG in a weak economy Part I

Last night the CSC (that's us!), along with the Young Alumni Association, hosted an event focused on staying STRONG in a weak economy. We thought there would be about 30 people there... over 90 showed up. I talked about the economy (mostly bad!) and who is successful at finding jobs (lots of people- this is good!). The real treat was hearing from some local experts. I want to share a few insights they had for the crowd that might be helpful to you too!

From Spano Pratt...
  1. Change your mentality! Quit reading negative statistics. Use positive talk with EVERYONE in your life. How are you presenting your personal brand?

    “I’m about to get laid off. Do you know of any opportunities?”
    “I’ve been in the event planning field for several years and am excited to start a new direction. I’m interested in gaining more experience and transitioning to the field of Marketing. Do you know of any opportunities that seem to fit with my goal?”

    Focus on what you CAN control and not on what you can’t control.
    “You can’t always direct the wind, you can, however, learn to adjust your sails.

  2. Understand the solution you bring to your current organization. What are the implications of the work that you do. STOP DOWNPLAYING! The more you think you are an asset, the more you will talk like you are an asset and the more you will come across as an asset.
    “Fake it until you make it”

  3. Make sure your resume is UP TO DATE. Keep a folder with every single little and big project you do and every quarter update your resume with associations, projects, new roles, etc.

  4. Develop your skills!!! Listen to those performance reviews - it’s hard to critique ourselves to get feedback from others.
    a. Join Professional Associations
    b. Look for opportunities and events in the community with people you wouldn’t normally connect with
    c. Join a board - volunteer first and get more involved. “Pay or Play” - either they will look for a contribution or you will need to do some recruiting.
    d. Keep a spreadsheet of your network so you remember where you met people - the last time you spoke, etc.

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