Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 7 Secrets to the Hidden Job Market

Earlier today we as a staff viewed a webinar hosted by the University of Tennessee's Career Services Center. The speaker was Donald Asher, an industry leader in careers and higher education. He spoke for about an hour on what he calls "The Seven Secrets of the Hidden Job Market". This was a great presentation to listen to, and I think we all learned quite a bit. Here's a quick list of what Mr. Asher told us were the seven secrets:

1. The Hidden Job Market is Big

2. It's easier to navigate than the Open Job Market

3. You have to start with a target

4. You get jobs by talking to people

5. Ditch your resume (not entirely though, so don't just delete it!)

6. Don't ask for a job

7. The Hidden Job Market often leads to a posted opening

A lot of these tips seemed basic, but he stressed just how important it is to make all the connections that you can. Referrals are golden after all. If you can get your goals out to as many people as possible, you'll have a much better chance of tapping into this specific job market.

We'll hopefully have the whole presentation on our website soon. If you're interested in viewing it, let us know and we'll be glad to give you the opportunity.

Now get to work on finding those hidden jobs!

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