Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things About Us

So, we've all seen the "25 Things About You" chain message going around Facebook by now. It's everywhere.

And now it's here too. We figure it's good for all of you to know a little bit more about us. So enjoy, and be assured, all of these are actually true.

1. We used to be located in the basement of Marquette Hall

2. Each semester we teach two courses in our office

3. We all have an unhealthy obsession with The Office

4. We critique student resumes every day

5. If you ever have quick questions, our interns are available every day from 12-2

6. All the rooms in our office are numbered 116

7. We're part of a consortium with the other 22 private schools in Wisconsin

8. Our spring job fair is in conjuction with our consortium

9. Jason Eckert has been immortalized in bobblehead form

10. We serve every major on campus

11. We'll do whatever we can to help you reach your career goal, even if you want to be a mime

12. It's really annoying when you knock on our windows as you walk by

13. There are over 500 jobs posted right now on MU Career Manager, even in today's economy

14. If you like actual books, we have a career library that you can utilize

15. You will probably find more purple pens in our office than any other place in the world

16. Employers frequently conduct interviews in our office, which means you don't have to travel to get a job interview!

17. We're here...even during winter, spring, and summer breaks

18. We're seeing and meeting with more students now than ever

19. Everyone can be a great interviewer, and we can teach you how.

20. More students work in our office than professionals

21. Every year at least one of our staff members gets pregnant

22. We read personal statements for grad school and post-graduate volunteer opportunities

23. We have every color paper imaginable

24. A calendar for upcoming information sessions and on-campus interviewing is on the bulletin board in our office

25. We root for snow days too!

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