Monday, February 16, 2009

Get ready for WorkForce!

Did you know that over 100 employers will be on campus this Thursday recruiting for full-time, internship and co-op positions?

The WorkForce Career Fair is this Thursday, February 19th from 4pm-8pm in the AMU Ballrooms. Our entire staff will be there and hope to see you!

Through our experience and what we hear from recruiters, we have put together some do's and don'ts to keep in mind as you prepare for the fair.


1) Wear a business suit or professional outfit

2) Have your 60 second commercial ready: Where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go. Also, end with a question to initiate a conversation with the recruiter, such as "Are you hiring ____positions?”

3) Do your research! Look at the employer guide to find out who is coming, learn more about their company and the positions they are hiring for. This is on our website and copies are in the AMU.

4) Log onto MU Career Manager to see if that employer will be back on campus for on campus interviews. If so, request an interview. Questions on MU Career Manager? Stop in our daily walk-in hours in our office from 12pm-2pm.

5) Follow up with the employers you are interested in working for via email to thank them and to show your interest. Don't forget to attach your resume!

6) Bring copies of your resume in a professional padfolio. We suggest 15-20 copies. Need a resume critique? Stop by our daily walk-in hours in our office from 12pm-2pm. We will also be in the AMU today, tomorrow and Wednesday from 11am-1pm critiquing resumes!

7) Know your career goal or what you think you would like to do. Ex. "I am looking for an entry level position in marketing where I can apply my strong organization and interpersonal skills."


1) Don't tell the recruiter that you are just looking for a job and are open to anything. They want to know WHY you are interested in working for them. Show your excitement and passion for the industry/position! This is where your research comes in. Also, don't ask a recruiter, "What do you do?" You may laugh, but this happens a lot and does not impress the recruiter.

2) Don't be discouraged if a recruiter says that they can't take your resume. Many employers can only accept online applications for legal reasons, so make sure you follow their application instructions carefully.

3) Don't wait until 6:30pm to go to the fair. Arrive as early as possible to make sure you are able to talk to the employers you want to talk to.

Good luck and see you at the fair!

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