Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Panera and Clandestine Operatives

I've always been a fan of spy shows. For awhile I wanted to be Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) and get a new Alias every week. Alas, I am but a humble career counselor helping people achieve their dreams...

One really exciting part of my job is to hear about other jobs. Yesterday it was the CIA: National Clandestine Service. I have to be honest, I never thought all of those gadgets and secrets and covers were really possible. I just pictured people sitting behind desks listening in on inane conversations to gather intelligence.

The stories two agents told, we'll call them Linda and Phil (which may be their real names but I doubt it), were captivating. Linda, married with children, has successfully managed a double life for about twenty years. Phil had one life and then joined the CIA after a military and then a computer career.

I learned about the endless possibilities with the CIA: becoming an agent, designing covers and disguises, learning several languages... It's all possible. They have an internship program too.

What are they seeking? People who are passionate about their country, knowledgeable in foreign affairs with the ability to keep a secret! While this in no way describes me, I have to wonder what such a life would bring.

If this interests you, the application deadline has been extended until October 15. Visit for more information and how to apply.

Oh, I almost forgot. We had Panera for lunch. A little tip: Get a salad or the Mediterranean Veggie as the Sierra Turkey Sandwich (formerly my favorite) has 33 grams of fat! That's 25 ww points plus points for those who care

Special Agent Laura Kestner a.k.a. Director, Career Services

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