Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Big East Virtual Fair Is Coming Soon!

For those of you in the midst of your job search, you are probably spending a considerable amount of time mining through various job postings and networking with professionals in your industry of choice. Good for you, this is exactly what you should be doing. Like anything else in life though, you eventually start to slow down after the initial push, and begin to rely on a couple of favorite resources. The good news is that there is another resource that will be available shortly that allows you to expand your job search without even leaving your couch!

Each year the Big East hosts a Virtual Fair in the fall as a complement to it's Spring Fair at Madison Square Garden. This year is no different, and the event will be held from November 1st through the 3rd. Students from all 16 schools (yes, even Syracuse and Pittsburgh still!) are invited to register and interact with employers from over 40 companies. You can visit to check out which organizations are registered in advance so you can prep accordingly.

What is really intriguing about this year's Virtual Fair is that it will actually be interactive. There are some online fairs that amount to not much more than a temporary job board. Those are nice, but really don't give you the chance to learn too much about the organizations. This time is different. Each company has a dedicated chat room developed for their organization where you can communicate directly with their representatives. I've tested it out and it seems to work incredibly smoothly. What better way to start the process with a new potential employer than to be able to identify the job and network simultaneously, all from the comfort of your own home?

We hope to see many of you registered for this event to show the country what we already know; that Marquette students are the best around!

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