Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Career Kick-Off 2012--Calling All Students!

So, this is it. This is the semester where you really take control of your future. New Year’s Resolutions aside, you know that internship is within your reach. That co-op you’ve had your eye on? Yours. The scary abyss that is The Job Search? Starts today. This semester is when you begin to answer that one question, THE question: “So what are you doing after college?” This semester, laughing out loud does not seem as funny or appropriate an answer (was it ever appropriate?), so get your butt into gear and do this the right way: with help.

This semester, Career Services is taking things up a notch—and adding some extra incentives. Not only are there a gazillion events catered to your every need, worry and fear about your future, but now you get rewarded for being proactive…for starters, how does an iPad sound? Insert: the Winter Career Kick-Off 2012.

It’s really easy. Attend 4 events this semester (not difficult) and have your Winter Career Kick-Off Stamp Card stamped at the end of each event. Then, hand in your completed stamp card by March 1st either at the 4th event you attend or in the CSC office (Holthusen Hall, first floor) to be entered in a drawing for to win one of the following: an iPad, an MU Padfolio or a $10 Qdoba Gift Card! There are over 50 prizes up for grabs!

If you haven’t picked up or printed out your stamp card, it’s not too late! Take charge this semester and let Career Services help take the pressure off! Stop by the CSC Booth for some resume advice, attend a Career Fair or sign up for the other fabulous events that qualify. Go here: ( for events and Winter Kick-Off 2012 details. Be bold, make a move and take charge of your career and your future—Now!

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