Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finding Your Path

Many of my student appointments start out with the same simple question, "what can I do to help you out today?" The answers I've heard, and continue to hear, vary greatly! Here's why, every student/person is different. You may be a freshman coming in to get a general sense of the Career Services Center and how we can aid you in your career development, or a Senior three months from graduation seeking trendy job search strategies.

As a mission to MU students and alumni, "The Marquette University Career Services Center strives to assist all students in discerning, developing, and pursuing meaningful traditional and non-traditional career paths."

So whether your walking the path of: Career Goals, Internship, Graduate/Professional School, Post-Graduate Volunteer Service, or First Job, we've got a compass for you. Don't ever feel as if your behind, to far ahead, or just plan lost, your path is individually your own.

To set up an appointment with a career counselor, call the Career Services Center at (414) 288-7423 or email us at:

Hope to see you soon!

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