Monday, August 31, 2009

True Grit

Not only is it a fine John Wayne film, it is also a critical piece of any success story.

One of our employers recently sent me this article that discusses how the concept of grit developed and has since evolved. It's a fascinating read on how even the most basic of achievements are accomplished over a span of time, rather than instantly. We might think right now that the concept of gravity is pretty straightforward, but in Newton's time they had no idea. Apparently it took years and years of research for him to prove the concept of gravity, rather than just an apple falling on his head.

So how does this pertain to you and your job search? Well, for one, the article stresses how in the long run, those who have success aren't necessarily the ones that are told how talented they are, but the ones who are told how good their effort is. When you are looking for an internship or a full-time position, you will often be met with some adversity along the way. The "gritty" job seekers will, according to the study, be able to fight through these obstacles easier. Furthermore, those identified to have more grit are less likely to switch jobs as often.

Now, it's important to not mistake grit for being stubborn. A job seeker with grit will fight through until their goal is met, but may change the path they take along the way. A stubborn job seeker will get so focused in on one idea that they have no way of changing their methods. If you can develop grit, it will help you along the way. You'll see that a notice that the position was filled is a stimulus to network more or refine your resume and cover letter.

It may seem sometimes that things fall into place for some people. It might be the case for a select few, but for most of them, it was utilizing their grit and doing the advance legwork that made for a smoother process down the line.

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