Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"If I could go back..."

If you weren't at our Life after Marquette panel last night...you missed out! We had recent graduates from MU talk about what they would do the same or differently if they could go back to where you all are sitting.

Here is what we learned:
1. Get an internship!!! Even though one of our panelists has a great position now, he really wishes he did more to get experience before graduating.

2. Join something, Join anything. Whether it be student organizations or Intramurals or MU activities - just get involved. They ALL wished they did this more.

3. Talk. Anyone, anywhere (but not about Anything). Some of the panelists talked about how they wished they shadowed more, did informational interviews with professionals in the field, and in general - just did more to find out about companies, the field, and potential positions.

4. Do less "assuming" and more "exploring". Many of them discussed the fact that they ended up in a company or career they had not necessarily expected. You might think you ONLY want to work in an agency or go to law school - but keep an open mind. They LOVE what they are doing but definitely didn't expect it!

5. Seriously...just go to Career Services (and no, I swear I didn't make this up). Coming back and seeing all that we do for students they wondered why they didn't meet with a counselor. Whether you think you've got it figure out or you are freaked out that you didn't start anything - we are here to help - so use us!

Don't you want to look back and say "I wouldn't change a thing!" If so - make sure you are on track and come visit us.

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