Monday, December 19, 2011

The REAL reasoning behind the 60 second elevator pitch!

So you know how we are always telling all of you to fine tune your 60 second commercial/elevator pitch when at career fairs and networking events?  Seth Godin, an expert on marketing yourself, gives such great and simple advice below.  Use it in your next encounter where you have to introduce yourself professionally!

No one ever bought anything in an elevator

The purpose of an elevator pitch isn't to close the sale.

The goal isn't even to give a short, accurate, Wikipedia-standard description of you or your project.

And the idea of using vacuous, vague words to craft a bland mission statement is dumb.

No, the purpose of an elevator pitch is to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you're with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over.

Read more of Seth Godin's Blog and check out his website.

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