Monday, August 29, 2011

17 Impressive Freshmen

This past Friday I hosted an orientation session for new students to learn about Career Services and was thrilled to have 17 attendees. Yes, that's right, I was thrilled that 17 freshmen and transfer students were interested in "career stuff." Now I don't blame the other 2,000-ish freshmen for not attending - I have to admit I probably would have opted to nap if I were in your shoes - BUT as long as I have your attention I thought I would remind freshmen through seniors why you might want to be thinking about your upcoming career a little bit this year.

Freshmen! This is the year to explore. Join student organizations, take a variety of classes, volunteer, and begin researching careers. Looking for a little help deciding on your path? Take Career Planning and Decision making (ARSC 1040)... there is still room in the course!

Sophomores! Begin thinking about how you can gain career-related skills, start building your professional network, and develop a resume. Not sure where to start? Make an appointment with a Career Counselor - we'll help get you started!

Juniors! Now's the time to develop a job search plan which will include registering on MU Career Manager, attending career fairs, and practicing your interviewing skills. Surprised you should be planning already? Enroll in Job Search Strategies (ARSC 1050) for a step by step approach!

Seniors! Keep doing all of the above, but remember the practice round is over. Freaking out? We are here to help!

Remember there is something for everyone at the Career Services Center!

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