Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Social Media and the Workplace

Society has responded in various ways to the changing times with social media both positively and negatively. With today’s social media crazed teens, schools have gone to the extent of banning cell phones from the classroom, and banning Internet sites they deem inappropriate.

Oftentimes text-messaging and Internet surfing in the workplace are frowned upon, and those against the new social media trend argue that social networking at work hampers business productivity.

The article The Greatest Generation (of Networkers), written by Jeffrey Zaslow, poses a new look at the social media craze of today’s youth.

Rather than engaging in long phone conversations much like older generations, today’s youth have gained beneficial qualities through the use of the Internet and sending short messages via text-messaging.

Although some argue that social networking at work reduces office efficiency, this article expresses how social networking enhances people’s social skills and ability to succeed in the workplace in areas such as connecting with the right people, having the ability to optimize, prioritize and gain easy access to information.

Some believe this generation has been blessed with the gift of multitasking and having the ability to stay connected- but how much is too much?

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