Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why some recent college grads are not getting jobs

7 Reasons Why Jane Has No Job

I am sharing this blog post with you.  It is from a great blog called 9 Lives for Women by Kathryn Sollmann

Her blog is unique in that it shares information for women at all stages of life.  Here is a description:

Women lead many lives–both in and out of the work force. Read on to see which of the 9 work/life blogs applies to you, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friends, your colleagues and all the great women you know and love. Click on each work/life stage to go directly to current blog posts.

Check out 7 Reasons Why Jane Has No Job-- it is great advice for any gender!

  1. Not enough time on the job search job.
  2. Too much emphasis on (and fear of) in person networking.
  3. Networking now and then.     
  4. Less than optimal use of Linkedin.
  5. A black-and-white resume with no color.
  6. Fuzzy job search strategy.
  7. Low-energy communication.

Happy Hunting!  Laura

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