Thursday, May 24, 2012

Staying Connected

The summer is finally here. For most, at least for a while, that means no more homework, no more group projects, no more research, no more sitting through classes. Of course the professionals of Career Services Center are though urging you to take advantage of your summer. That could mean getting a jump start on those graduate school applications, touching up your resume, doing some career exploration, or meeting up with a few professionals in your desired career field.

"My summer isn't focused on those things, it's focused on vacationing," you utter. Of course the summer is about relaxing, having fun, recouping for next year, and regenerating energy BUT don't let it slip by without being at least somewhat productive. We don't want  you to miss out on all of your favorite summer activities, we just want to help prepare you for your future career. That's one of the main reasons the Career Services has tapped into the virtual. Allow us to help you stay up-to-date on the latest career development information through our social media outlets.

"" We're tweeting! Follow the Career Services Center on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest job search articles, highlights and Career Services Center happenings.
- Get short, timely messages from MU Career Services @MU_CSC
- Get job postings, interview information, and tips @MUCSCJobs

"" We're blogging! Be sure to visit the Career Services Center’s new blog, Career Chatter, regularly to get all the latest information and advice from our office. It's the Career Services Center... UNPLUGGED

"" We’re on Facebook!
Become a fan of the MU Career Services Center on Facebook.  You're on there anyway.

"" We’re LinkedIn!
Network with professionals in our MUCSC Group on LinkedIn. If you don’t already have an account - here is one good excuse to get one! To find us just search in groups for MUCSC and join.

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