Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Am I?

How amazing would it be to have a career that properly fits you and keeps you excited to come back day-after-day?

You're thinking, "impossible BUT that'd be great if it was possible." Be assured, it is indeed possible! Finding your ideal career field becomes slightly easier once you can concretely answer the question: Who Am I?

Though it may not be in the forefront of your mind, you are a combination of your interests (what you do in your spare time), your skills (what you do well, what others tell you that you do well), and your values (qualities important to you). A complete mixture of those personal components also equates to your career goal(s).

Just think about it, a career that allows you to do what you like doing (interests), utilize those things your good at (skills), and all while upholding your values - sounds fairly ideal to me.

Don't freight, developing a career goal your absolutely satisfied with will not happen over night. But take the first step now - list out your interests, skills, and values (5-8 in each category should suffice).

By having your career goal in mind, finding that ideal career field will becoming a lot easier. If you're still in a pickle, reach out to Career Services {414-288-7423}. We love and are happy to help.

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