Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My First Professional Interview!

I just had my first professional interview experience and I survived! When I first saw that the company I was interested in was going to be interviewing on campus I knew that I needed to update my resume in order to highlight the qualities I have that the employer was seeking. In order to prepare for the interview I was sure to know everything on my resume and have answers to the commonly asked questions located on MU CSC's homepage. With the help of my current supervisor I also came up with several of my personal/work experiences where I "worked as a team," "did project management," and "overcame an obstacle" so I would be ready for any behavior based questions. I wanted to be sure I had lots of different things to talk about so that I wouldn’t be repeating myself and so there wouldn’t be any awkward silences. But I think the most important thing I did to prepare was being ready to be excited about the interview. I tried to turn my anxiety about the interview into excitement. And I really think my enthusiasm took me beyond my qualifications for the job. A positive outlook made this stressful interview a positive experience for me, and I think for my interviewer as well since I got a second interview! So my advice for anyone else about to embark on their very first interview is: over prepare, show enthusiasm (even if you are too nervous to feel it at the time), and have lots of questions! Even if you feel like your questions were already answered by the interviewer, try to rephrase them or make them more detailed. I felt like my interviewer really knew how interested I was in the job because I asked plenty of question. And GOOD LUCK!

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