Friday, April 8, 2011

Job Searching Tips

There are less than 20 day left before classes end, if you haven't found a job yet don't panic. Here are some quick tips to help you towards your job search. First Know- your career goals, find out what you are interested in ding right now. Not the rest of your life. We can help you with that process at the Career Services Center if you are totally lost and don't know what you want to do. Be reactive in your job search process

  • Respond to position openings through online systems such as MU Career Manager. Our online system database for job searching is geared towards Marquette students and alumni

  • Use other professional affiliated work sites/job posing sites such as Bigshoes for communications and marketing majors. This can be done by using a search engine such as Google to type your field and association

  • Develop a list of target companies/organizations- think about employers you would like to work for and choose a specific industry

Be proactive in your job search

  • Develop your network- make a list of family members, friends, supervisors you may know and ask questions about any job openings that may know or if they know any one that someone work in your field

  • Do informational interviews with people who work in your field

  • Get on LinkedIn join groups and connect with alumni by doing informational interviews and learning about their position and company

Set time aside to job search- in this market you have to be more proactive in your job search

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