Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Employment Outlook for the Class of 2011

Each year members of the Marquette University Career Services staff attend the annual Recruiting Trends Conference in Chicago. This conference features the research of Dr. Phil Gardner, a nationally known economist from Michigan State University. Dr. Gardner’s Recruiting Trends report describes the opportunities and challenges faced by 2011 college graduates based on a recent national survey of 4600 diverse employers.

A summary can be found on the MUCSC website.

Basically, it's still tough out there. But... I heard this story the other day and I think it sheds some light on the outlook for college grads!

Jobless Rate Less Scary For College Grads by Adam Davidson

"Consider some numbers. The overall unemployment rate, right now, is 9.6 percent. That's really high. But for people who finished college, the unemployment rate is a much less terrifying 4.7 percent. That is hardly an economic slowdown at all. Those with advanced degrees are practically in a boom, with unemployment below three percent."

So hang in there... get crackin'. MU CSC has something for every one of you no matter what your path. Check out our updated webpage.

Happy Job Hunting!

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