Monday, October 11, 2010

A Relic in the Digital Age

Technology surrounds us everywhere we go these days. It even continues to improve at an impressive rate. Not all that long ago, radio was king. Then Video Killed the Radio Star. Phones always had cords at one point. Cordless phones were the next step. Even in that area, we've come a long way from the Zach Morris phone to the Droids and iPhones of today. I'm even typing this post on an internet page. We might think that the internet is just another everyday tool, but even 20 years ago college students were having to actually go to the library to do research for homework rather than simply using Google.

Through all these changes, there is one piece within the job search and business world that has resisted the technological revolution: the business card. Here in the CSC, we're entering the time of the year when cards are being traded at a rapid rate. The Career Fair two weeks ago had a plethora of business cards moving from recruiters to students. Even now with our On-Campus Recruiting in full gear there is a daily exchange of the tiny pieces of cardstock.

The question is though, what do you really want to do with these cards? Sure, you could just start an incredible Rolodex, but even then, what's the point? Well, for one, you have the contact information of someone in a company that you presumably have an interest in. If you haven't already followed up with that person, I recommend you do so now (or at least once you finish reading this post). One recruiter that we've spoken with has spoke in amazement at how few students actually follow up with him. They really do appreciate it, and as long as you're not saying anything overly crazy, it should only help your cause in the job search. Even after your search is complete you can still utilize your business card collection to maintain and expand your network. Your next job is most likely not going to be your last job. Those contacts you make now could pay dividends in the future. Keep them warm at a very minimum.

Now, if you want your own cards, Career Services can help. Through the end of the semester, simply stop by our office and ask to fill out our form. We'll provide you with up to 30 free cards in one of two templates. This only goes through the end of the fall semester though, so don't delay!

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