Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finding the right career fit

Hi, I'm Jeremy the new Career Counselor in the Career Services Center. I have to say that it's great to be here at Marquette. The first thing I noticed when arriving on campus was the level of professionalism of Marquette students which reinforces this university's national reputation. I can see the pride in the students faculty and staff everyday that I'm on campus and I am very proud to be working here.

When I arrived on campus I immediately sensed that there was something special about being here for me personally, but I couldn't exactly put my finger on it. One day it hit me, I realized that the job I am in is a great fit.

If you meet with a career counselor, or read articles about job hunting, you will likely come across the term "fit" being tossed around frequently. As a career counselor, I encourage students to consider which positions, industries, and organizations are the best fit for them by exploring their interests, skills, work values, and personal styles.

The challenge is that the exploration process takes time and effort, so what is the payoff? For me the payoff is that I look forward to coming to work. I authentically enjoy the tasks and responsibilities that fill my day. I also love learning about new developments in my profession and interacting with others who share my enthusiasm. The energy that I receive from my work inspires me to constantly strive to provide a higher level of service to the Marquette community.

My hope is that you can experience at least as good of a career fit as I do and I believe that you can if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Of course the Career Services Center is here to help you every step of the way.

-Jeremy Eudaly

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