Friday, July 2, 2010

"A GPA is a number without a story"

The Wall Street Journal has a great blog explaining "how to spin your GPA" with great tips on overcoming the GPA worries when searching for a job. The Career Services Center at MU meets with a lot of students who are working on their resume and looking to begin their search...but are concerned about the "What is your GPA and how does it reflect on your academic abilities" question.

Here are some main points from the Wall Street Journal blog that would benefit ANY student:

  • HIGHLIGHT areas where your GPA was higher and actually DOES reflect your abilities - some people focus on their major GPA or if they struggled freshman/sophomore year, they focus on their junior/senior year grades
  • Do NOT assume that your prestigious university's name will get you out of a GPA related question. The recruiter may think highly of the school - but you will still need a confident and well thought out answer for any academic related questions.
  • GPA is not required to be on a resume - if you do not feel your GPA reflects your abilities and would rather highlight your EXPERIENCE and involvement - then leave the number off.
  • The last main point is a quote from Rob McGovern, founder of CareerBuilder and currently serving as CEO of

A strong GPA is, without question, something a college graduate should take pride in and use as appropriate during the interview process. But it won’t make or break any job applicant. As a business owner today, I look most favorably on resumes that reflect a recent college graduate’s hunger for learning, and believe that hiring managers are of a similar mind.

Remember - if you have any GPA questions regarding your search or resume - feel free to meet with a Career Counselor in our office (414.288.7423).  We are open all summer!

Bethany Olson
Event Planner/Career Counselor
Marquette University

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