Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting to the Gateway

Whereas locating MU Career Manager is not that difficult on our new website, finding the Career Gateway section on the page can be a bit more challenging. The same resources (Golden Eagle Search, GoinGlobal, Vault, ReferenceUSA) are still available, and in this post we will detail how to access them.

For students:

On the homepage, there is the login box that you use for MU Career Manager. On the top of that box is a tab, which is titled "Resource Login". If you click on this tab, you will be directed to the old login screen for the Career Gateway. This page then requires you to enter your emarq information. Once you have completed those steps, you are fully able to access all the resources in that section of the website.

For alumni:

Because alumni do not have active emarq information (if you still do from your time as a student, simply use that and follow the instructions above), this process requires you follow a few different steps. First, click on the "Alumni" section on the left toolbar. On the alumni mainpage, you will see a link to the Alumni gateway about halfway down the page. If you click that link, you will be prompted to enter a username and password. This information can be received from our office. You will need to contact us at 414-288-7144 to obtain a login. Following that, you will be in the system and have all the access you previously held as a student.

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